Here is why you should always be selling your home

You should always sell your home if possible! Sounds like an outrageous statement right? Well it’s not. There is good reason to always try and sell your home, and quickly, through longview house buyers. For starters, your home is not an actual investment in the true sense of the word, if you are not trying to sell it. That’s because it does not generate you any income, and you probably bought it on mortgage. This means it is taking money from you on a monthly basis. If you were to sell your home and put that money in business or some other investment such as stocks, you would be better off. Don’t believe it? Let’s take a simple scenario to explain this. Assuming you live in a lower middle class neighborhood paying a 30 year mortgage on a $400,000 home. You’d basically be a poor person who is struggling in life just to pay for a roof over your head. If you were to cash in on that home in 2007 and put that money in a high-growth company like Facebook, you would be a millionaire right now!

Still not convinced that you should always try to sell your home for great paying investments? Well how about the freedom of mobility. Imagine if you had a home in a middle-class suburb of Detroit. You would painfully be watching your home lose value as the city dies, and you’d pretty much do nothing about it. What about the people who were renting in that same neighborhood? They most likely left long ago for better cities and are thriving while you agonize. The Detroit scenario can repeat itself anywhere. Given that as a homeowner you have no control over the macro environment that you live in, then it would make sense to sell and live free. Be free to live wherever you want, unchained from the adverse effects of macroeconomic factors.

Another reason why you should always try and sell your home is because it is a commodity, just like any other commodity out there. Ever wonder why the wealthy are always selling their homes? The reason is simple. That’s because they treat their homes as tradable commodities that are meant to generate cash any time the price rises significantly above the buying price. You need to develop the same mindset. Why do you want to hold on to a home that you bought in 1990 at $200,000 that’s probably worth more than a million today? And don’t for one minute think that it will always go up in value. We all know what happened in 2008. Home prices collapsed and it took them more than eight years to recover. In fact, in some places, those prices have never fully recovered. Basically, do not develop an emotional attachment to a commodity that is supposed to be bought and sold for money. Develop a sense of the economic concept of demand and supply and always try to cash in when possible.

Lastly, you should always try and sell your home and generate enough money to travel the world, especially if you are older. Let’s be real if you are 65 years old who is holding on to a $400K home while living a life of struggle, what exactly are you looking for in life? Why not sell it and use that money to travel the world? You will have a way better quality of life!